Bucket List

Hi All!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m en route to San Francisco for a few days. So excited. I like spending time with my brother, but mostly I just love this city. But I have made it and survived my first night 🙂

There’s something just so fresh and new about the city. I definitely know that when I move out I’d love to live in a city. It’s also so nice to be on vacation as well

 Any who,  since I’ve visited my brother a couple of times, many touristy things have already been said and done.  So I have a few plans of my own 😉

Here’s my vacation bucket list:

  • Do atleast one WOD at San Francisco Crossfit (hopefully more)
  •  Get a snazzy t-shirt from said box.
  • Spend too much money at sports basement ( I made sure to leave enough room in my suit case)
  • Run to the bridge and back
  • Take pictures everyday
  • Alcatraz
  •  Napa
  • Visit Stanford, and rightfully swoon

It may not seem fancy, but its perfect vacation for me. I really need some relaxation after the summer I’ve had.

So long for now!


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