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Tone It Tuesday

Happy Tone It Tuesday!

How are you all doing today! I have so much to share with you all!

First, jealous of who I got to snuggle with last night? I would be..


Second, yesterday I mentioned how I was feeling sick mid-morning but only when I am at the office. Like so hungry I’m sick to my stomach. Well, I think I may have found the problem/ solution. The problem was I was eating so early (6:15ish) and waiting so long (until about 10) for my snack.. that’s almost 4 hours! So the last few days I was having a starchier snack instead of the fruit I brought. Well I wasn’t making unhealthy choices, but they weren’t super healthy ones either to get that starchier snack. After spending a little time with the Tone It Up diet plan last night, I figured it out. Switch my meal 1 and 2. Have something lighter when I am getting ready in the morning. And bring something more substantial for my “snack.” This morning was day one of doing it. I had ¾ of a banana with some honey and pb2 this morning. Then I brought overnight oats to eat at the office. I also had my “snack” a little earlier, about 9:30. I’m feeling fantastic! I also think a bit of a problem was the women who sits at the desk next to me smokes and she comes in and uses her hand fan ( like the burlesque kind of, only analogy I can think of) and Fans her musky smokes sent over to me. While I’m hungry, makes me feel dreadful. This morning was 3000000 times better though.
I’m really happy about this find. As I said I was reaching towards a healthy snack, but not healthy enough to have every day, popchips. I started that junk food trend early in the morning and allowed it to continue until I left the office. I’m hoping by making this switch I can stay away from unhealthy choices. Not that I’ve really gained weight but I definitely felt it in my run yesterday, which I will get to in a minute. I was to feel clean and strong and fresh. Not the crappy feeling of eating crap that happens after your done eating it. We all know how good it is when we are actually eating it. I’m excited for this switch to make my body ready to take on what I give to it.

Speaking on my body taking things on, I was supposed to start my half training yesterday. I did run Sunday, I should say. Remember a while back how my ankle and joints were hurting while doing Insanity? Well yesterday after running the first mile or so my joints were killing me. Its rare that I run two days back to back, just to give my body time to heal. Yesterday I felt like I had to. I finished my route by walking, but I was so upset. However it’s best I found this out now, week one, that my body has limitations that I need to work within. So tonight I’m going to Crossfit and tomorrow will be my run days.

Tonight’s Crossfit WOD:


5 Sets:

5 Shoulder Press

Max L-Hold or Support


5 Rounds for Time:
5 Wall Climbs
10 Box Jump Overs
15 Hollow Rocks

After I think I will do Bikini Abs and Long and Lean from the Beach Babe DVD J

I will post my Half Training plan this evening. I’ve had one and when I looked at it I thought all the miles were so low. However upon looking at other plans all morning ( Not that I wasn’t doing work or anything… whoops) they are all about the same. So I’m going to stick with the one I have. Which by the way, speaking of them all being the same, they ALL have you run Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday… like for real what the heck is up with that. Is it the universe that is only allowing me to run those days? Jeeze. I’m only ranting and complain because those are my Crossfit days. Which I am going to do.. and run Mon Wed Fri…

Okay I’m done I don’t want to jinx myself..

What’s your workout today?!
Have you ever trained for a half, if so any tips for Miss Newbie over here?

DO BIG THINGS! Today, Tomorrow, Forever!

PS. I’ve found that mid-afternoon I have some downtime here at the office so I think I’m going to start a new series. The “2:30 Push” some motivational pictures, funny picturess, things I’m loving that day to help break up the afternoon and give you one last push to finish the workday strong. What do you think?

Monday Mess Jumble

I feel like Monday’s never get the love. We always dread it. Not saying I was hopping happily out of bed when my alarm woke me up, I’m just saying.

On my way to work this morning I saw this fantastic truck the burial vault, with two coffins on it. I’m hoping it’s not some sort of sign ha!


Anyways the weekend was a little chaotic, but restful. I made the decision for myself that working a Sunday double at the restaurant isn’t good for me. So I gave up the day shift and I’m just working the night, which is much easier to get covered if needed. Maybe other could balance it, but I made a promise to focus on myself for the time being and I just need more free time with this internship and putting around the restaurant as much as I love them all, isn’t it. I’ll be back there in the fall but for the summer just one shift 🙂

Weekend Recap
Friday: I had maybe the most relaxing night ever. I watched a trillion episodes of Mad Men and read and fell asleep way too early for a 21 year old on a Friday night, it was beauteous. Hey sometimes a girl just needs to recharge! Lots of tea and snuggle time with this cute munchkin,

which she was quite mad at me since she hadn’t seen me all week since I was running around like a crazy women.

Saturday: I also bummed around in the morning, got some cleaning done and more Mad Men. Went to a bridal shower long enough to drop my mother off and say hellos. Then Cam and I were off to spend some time together. He had maybe the biggest beer I’ve seen in a while.

And we had some fantastic Mexican food. Most of which I’m still eating, and for lunch today too 😉 Love getting a big meal and being able to take it home. They made the guac right there in front of us which was phenomenal. I must pat myself on the back for Cam enjoying the Mexican. You see, when I met him he ate two things, chicken parm or steak. We’re slowly but surely branching and trying new things. Like the salmon last week, and now Mexican, and he liked it! Babysteps. (Maybe I’ll get him to like green juice soon, probably not)

Today is actually a kind of big day. I officially start training for my half marathon. I’m a little nervous about the whole thing, but everyone keeps telling me that I’ll do fine and be alright. So my photo post on Saturday was / is my motivation motto for a while! The training starts out real easy with super low miles, which is reassuring! Apologies to my friends in advanced when “ Sorry I can’t, I need to run” is going to become the reason I can’t come out and play!

With my miles planned for the rest of my summer I’ve been starting to think of one of the most important parts of my runs, the sound in my ear buds J Lately I’ve been listening to Jillian Michaels’ podcast while I run. Which may sound weird to be able to run to people talking. But its so informative, motivating, and hilarious. I’m the crazy person laughing on my runs! However I think I’ll run out of these with the amount I’ll be running which means its time for a new playlist. What are your must have songs for a run/the gym? I need your help! Also, I have been thinking of investing in some good headphones. I was recommended the Ironman YurBuds and I’m intrigued by them They are a little pricey, which I don’t necessarily mind spending the money, as long as I’ll use them. Sometimes I find that headphones that go into my ears hurt a little. Does anyone know of a super good pair to recommend?

I’ve had a funky problem going on in the office, between 9-10:15 I’m starving. Which would make sense since I’m supposed to be eating a midmorning snack around that time. But when I say starving I mean sick to my stomach I feel like I’m going to throw up if I don’t eat anything starving. Its not like I don’t eat breakfast, but I just don’t get it. And sometimes the snack I bring just isn’t cutting it. But this only happens when I’m at the office, not at any other time. Weird right?

Well I’m off to do some interning, and researching I have a lot of big ideas and news for you all coming up real soon!

Do Big Things!



Good Morning!

Happy Friday, thank the dear lord it is Friday! I don’t think I could take one more day of sitting in traffic, that’s not even beach traffic.

It’s a little bit of a rough morning over here in the office. Maybe because 4 hours of sleep and 18 hour days run you down a bit, who would have thunk it.

I am feeling last night’s WOD hard core today. Which is odd because usually when its hot my muscles take the beating much more willingly. But yes it was another 100+ day in the box. Which means I was sweating just standing there never mind doing the actual WOD. Which was :

3 Rounds
400m Run
5 pull ups
10 pushups
15 air squats

Back Squat
20 RM

3 Rounds 1 min Each
KB swings (26 lbs)
Double Under
Toes Through Rings ( Or V-Ups)

Yaaah. It was a good one. Instead of Double Under’s I just jumped rope, because I recently graduated 2nd grade of jump roping and am able to do single jumps without the hop in between. Growing up so fast , I know. I did the V-Ups just simply because all the rings were taken. The heat was a huge factor in this, I was honestly exhausted! I was going to run afterwards, but I was just too exhausted and in the heat and humidity I think it was workout enough.

I am planning on hitting the road today. I’ve been craving it so badly I’m excited!

I did however get this nifty little journal. A way to keep track of my WOD’s at the box. I am terrible with writing things down and remembering my weight I really want to watch my progress over the next year, I am beyond excited! It also has way to keep track of your scores for benchmark workouts. I like how it requires more journaling beyond just the workout, score and weight. Things like nutrition, sleep, and energy levels make a huge impact on how well you do on an individual day. And there is nift quotes as well. I like it!




Recently I’ve noticed I have been so busy to even sit down, which at the moment I didn’t mind. Now I’m starting to think it’s running me down too much. I’m missing out on reading some of my favorite blogs, and missing time with my adorable little munchkin of a puppy. I need some time to center and regroup. So I think that is exactly what I may do tonight, lame for a Friday I know, but it’s so so so needed!

Also I have a big announcement for you all! And an invitation! Who is in the Boston area?! Or Will be the 29th of July!?
Calling all runners to the happiest 5k ever…


The Color Run! Everyone sign up. I am officially running it on the 29th and could not be more excited. If you do sign up let me know, I’d love to meet you all!

Off to consider doing real work, who am I kidding, I’m an intern J

Do Big Things Today!

Daily Inspiration!


What challenges you ?

How do you keep balanced ?

Happy First Day of Summer!☀

Good Morning!

Happy Happy Humps day! And more importantly, Happy First Day of Summer!!🌷☀

Its going to be a hot one here today with a high of 95! Woohoo, too bad I’m in the office, but you can bet I’ll be outside loving it tonight.

Tonight I’m headed over to Crossfit, which is unusual for a Wednesday, but Cam and I went out last night soooo… I didn’t go yesterday.

Tonights WOD:



2 Reps Every Minute, On the Minute for 10 Minutes



Chest to Bar Pullups

Weighted Step-Ups

Handstand Pushups


Max KB Swings in 5 Minutes

Looks like a fun one! I’m a little concerned about deadlifts only because every time I do them my back hurts , painfully, for the next week and I can barely do anything. So light weight for me tonight! Nick knows this is a problem so I’m sure he’ll be watching! I’m excited about the pullups though, mine have been getting better and better. I am using a lower band! One step closer to my summer goal J

Last night Cam and I went out, which is rare during the week since I wake up so early that I never have energy to see anyone during the week, I may or may not be chugging caffeine today. Anyways we had a gift certificate to a Brazilian Steakhouse in Manchester. The whole idea of the restaurant is all you can eat, and holy did we eat! We eat got a little card with red on one side and green on the other (red meaning stop, green meaning go)

Starting on the red side, we took our plates over to the salad bar. These make me so nervous in terms of my allergies but I kept it simple and stays away from anything that had or was placed near something with gluten, avoiding cross contamination as much as possible. With that the servers came over to give us both a piece of salmon. Wild salmon, YES! I’ve been wanting salmon for so unbelievably long but every time I ask they always say “farm fresh” ( farm is NOT fresh, small pet peeve, stay away folks from farm salmon! ) It was delicious, and Cam tried fish for the first real time and he liked it! The kid needs to try more new types of food, so limited!

Then we flipped the card to green. The green side should have a slogan, ready set EAT! The servers come by with all different types of meat :
· Filet Wrapped in Bacon (Faixa Enrolado con Bacon)
· Prime Rib (Alcatra) – A Gauchos favorite!
· Flank Steak (Fraldinha)
· Short ribs (Costela)
· Sirloin (Picanha))
· Lamb (Cordero)
· Chicken (Frango)
· Chicken Wrapped in Bacon (Frango Enrolado con Bacon)
· Sausage (Lingüiça)
· Pork Loin (Lombo de Porco)
· Pork Ribs (Costela de Porco)
· Chicken Hearts (Coração de Frango)
Those were all our options! I mentioned to the server before about my celiac-ness and he told me to stay away from the chicken because or marinades! They would cut off a small piece that we would grab with tongs to eat. One of the servers kept giving me the bigger piece and Cam the smaller piece, and we kept having to switch. I ate so much and it all was so good. And they had a gluten free desert which I mean since we were already on an eating roll, why the heck not!

Needless to say, we left very very very full and definitely got our share of protein! I think I’m still full, and will be for days! Ha

Normally I would be freaking out about how much we were eating, because it was a whole lot. But then I go home and I realized that it was a once in a lifetime experience, and that it was good that I enjoyed it. I shouldn’t feel guilty, but that doesn’t mean I should do it all of the time, but one time my body can handle it. This was so freeing to come to this revelation. I’ve realized my obsessing over food is actually holding me back from the results I want. I enjoy eating healthy, and I enjoy working out. Completely making myself feel guilty for eating one bad thing or missing a workout makes me not enjoy it. I have a few races coming up that I am training for and loving being back at Crossfit so I’m just going to love it, not force it and see where it gets me! I feel like this journey has come to that point to relate it to what you hear about relationships all the time.

“Once you stop looking and start doing what you love, things fall into place.

That’s what I’m doing, I’m just going to do what I love! I think that’s a huge part of what the Tone It Up girls always tell us, that moderation not obsession is the key. Unfortunately, I think I sort of missed that for the first part of my journey. But that is where my focus lays.

Off to drink ridiculous amounts of tea and water and intern all day!

Do Big Things Today!

Question: do you think being pinpoint strict gets you long lasting results, or just balance and enjoyment?

Daily Photo Motivation:


Yummy yummy

Hi all!

Happy Tuesday!

I have a very special recipe to share with you all today! Brussel Sprouts!

Okay, you need to try them, they are honestly and truly amazing. The restaurant had them for so long, and I would literally dream about these. They’re super easy too! Clearly, because I’m a baby cook.

– Medium heat with a skillet
– Add a little oil of your choice, last night I used olive, but I’m thinking I might try coconut oil next time. Let it warm up.
– While the oil and pan is heating, take your Brussels and cut them in half. (Try to buy smaller Brussels if you can, they taste better, but they’re usually easier to find when in season)


– As soon as the oil is hot throw the halves in, try to get them face down so they brown easier.


– Sprinkle a little sage in, and add like a little bit of butter ( not much at all I did like a half a slice of butter )
– Let the Brussels cook, letting them get brown and moving them around once and a while
– Once the brussels have browned a bit, add some apple cider, I did about ¼-1/2 a cup, just eyeballed it
– Then let the cider reduce down


Super easy, and super yummy!


Last night I added half a veggie burger to the mix for a little bit of protein, best dinner ever!

Funny story, Today at the office is a rough morning, and I spilled my iced coffee, how am I supposed to survive without caffine?!

Don’t let your morning be struggle city like mine

5DSD & Tone It Up Review

The Results are In!
After my week of a 5DSD last week I’ve come to you with results. I lost 3.5 pounds and 1.5 inches J. I gained a fresh mindset which I am beyond happy with.

I’ve been meaning to write a review of the Tone It Up diet plan for a while for you all so here we go.

5DSD was great, and pretty easy to stick to. It included lots of fruit and hydration, and didn’t stray too too much from my regular eating habits, which was nice because it made it easy to stick to. The exercise level was high, including a HIIT and toning every day. I broke this a little because I went to Crossfit instead of toning on some nights. All in all I loved it, it made me feel refreshed and help kick my sweet tooth as well!

The overall plan.


click here to join

What is it: its $150 one time, and you become a lifetime member. Since I joined there has been 3 updates and one huge revamp to the plan. Which I think is great because I have a jillion recipes to choose from, always coming out with more. It explains the whole essence of clean eating, and what types of food to eat at which times of the day. Along with their special metabolism drinks (bombshell and meta-d)

– The best and prettiest trainers ever, that truly want you to succeed more than anything
– Huge community keeping you accountable
– Lots of different recipes, ability to change things up
– Huge results
– You get to have pancakes! ( I mean come on girls, what diet has pancakes? )
-Its sustainable for a lifetime – this isn’t a fad diet, it’s a lifestyle one that will leave you glowing
– They have almost daily blog posts, to keep you on track not only with your meals and workouts but your mental health as well, keeping you growing and achieving more
– Most of the guidelines within the plan is about moderation, nothing crazy is cut out like fruit ( A piece of fruit never made anyone fat ) they do however encourage you to cut out processed junk, especially fake sugars!

– Depending on the day, sometimes my calorie intake in moderately low, but I just add something clean and healthy to up it a bit, which is encourage by the girls
– You drink a lot of water, to the point you pee so much your boss thinks your slacking
– People are going to constantly question how you did it!
– You are going to tweet an obnoxious amount about your lifestyle, meal pics, and workouts

There you are!